Ankgor Wat


Welcome to Cambodia.  I am Kakada Morl, a local resident of Siem Reap. In my youth I studied in a monastery and now work as a driver around Angkor Wat to support my wife, baby girl and family.   I hope that this page helps you understand what Siem Reap has to offer. 


Despite a checkered history and recent un-checked development - Cambodia offers a safe yet edgy experience to all who cross her borders.  Few come this way without being touched or even drawn to tears by the history and humanity of this land.

No trip to Cambodia would be complete without a visit to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat - a showcase of Cambodian history and pride.  If you come, I hope we can meet so that I can help you see though recent development and have an authentic experience of my home province.

Ankgor Wat

Angkor Wat itself is the size of a small town. The scale and intricacy of the temple complex affect people in a way that is hard to describe. It’s best seen for one’s self. Its history is well documented online, and i do not wish to duplicate.

Around Ankgor

The temples around Angkor are to many a much more moving attraction. The Bayon and Ta Phrom containing art and archetypes that have permeated though contemporary art and culture - although perhaps you didn’t know their origin. Many end spend days or even weeks engrossed in exploring these they bring to the imagination a connection to a distant past and people who's civilization, shows intelligence and spirit in equal with the those of today’s modern world.
The landmine museum is also or great interest to visitors - and helps them to understand the atrocities Cambodia’s recent past- and our people's spirit to move forwards anew.

Tonle Sap lake, a short trip from Siem Reap, offers not only natural beauty, but a close encounter with the lake people who have settled on floating towns and have developed a charming alternative way of life.

Koh Ker

Within travel distance of Siem Reap are less explored (though no less wondrous) attractions such as Bang Malea and Koh Ker...which same say resonate in design with Mayan ruins.
These temples have only recently been cleared of landmines - but are now deemed safe.
Now is a unique  opportunity to see places that most can only see in Nation Geographic. I know the way there and can take you to this new and exciting place before it becomes commercial and well known.


Hostel world can provide some very affordable and quality accommodation options - where the profits may indeed stay in Cambodia. Many people recommend the Bou Savy Guest House, who offer rooms, good food and even internet access.

Navigating Siem Reap

I am able to help you get around Siem Reap by way of tuk-tuk...a simple motorized carriage. I hope that I can facilitate your safe adventure - without getting in the way. This is your journey.
I do this to support my family - I am not a rich man, and ask only the price of gasoline, and a small but fair fee for a whole day of my time - and the whole commitment of my heart to your experience.


my family in siem reap

Myself and family
Outside our home in Siem Reap.

my tuk tuk

Our Tuk Tuk






Getting Here

  • By Bus - from Thailand to Poi Pet. You can take an A/C bus orTaxi for around $35 to Siem Reap
  • By Air - you can also fly direct to Siam Reap's airport from Bangkok and Chaing Mai. I can even make sure you are picked up at the airport.

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